Nicole Haake

Nicole Haake

Title: ” “The more that you read….””
Medium: Acrylic on paper
Size:11 x 14
Price: $65.00
Name: Nicole Haake
Location: USA

From Nicole :“”The more that you read, the more things you know. The more that you learn, the more places you go” – Dr. Suess, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut


  1. Dana Kilpatrick says:

    Fantastic! love window view paintings!!!

  2. Nothing like a good book and a window seat to let the imagination run wild. The cat tops off the soothing mood of the whole painting!

  3. As a child, I always wanted a window seat where I could read my books & daydream. Great capture of that moment (nice touch with the sleeping cat also).

    • Nicole Haake says:

      I always wanted a window seat too and was, and still am, a big reader. This is based on my daughter who followed in my reader footsteps and maybe one day one of us will have that window seat!

  4. Missy Hines says:

    I love the castle in the background! One of the places that you will go!!
    And the kitty sets it off…of course at my house kitty would be on top of the book!!!!
    Love it!

  5. Beth Monnin says:

    Dr. Seuss has the best quotes. I often wish I could go to the places in my books.

  6. I really like the dreamy expression you’ve captured as she appears to look out the window. I have had books do that for me.

  7. Wonderful concept that is perfect with Dr. Suess. I wonder where the cat is visiting in her dreams. Books and cats make good companions.

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