Nan Johnson

Nan Johnson

Title: “Front Porch Ferns”
Size: 9″ x 12″
Name: Nan Johnson (
Location: USA

Artist web site: Artist web site:

From Nan:Quote: “There’s no place like home” — inspired by Betsy’s recent move to her new-old home. I use to say I did House Portraits, but I was told by someone recently that “a house is a building, but a home is where the heart is.” So now I say I do “Home Portraits.”


  1. Home Portraits . . . I like THAT! And, if I weren’t too old to buy a home with a second story, I would say, “I want to live there!” It really is homey with the Boston ferns, the well-kept lawn and the vast, stately shade trees. Can you tell my hubby is a landscaper??? Your portrait welcomes the visitor into the picture and into their lives.

  2. I’ve heard that a great portrait captures not only how someone looks but the personality and essence of the subject. You certainly did that with this home portrait!!! The ferns add such an inviting comfortable feeling.

  3. I appreciate how you have used the light to give this home an extra warm feeling. I bet shoveling that drive in the winter is rough…so they just stay in next to a warm fire with fresh ginger bread and tea in the afternoon. yep, this portrait has a story.

  4. Love the lush hues of green against the crisp white and dark grays. You honor your subject well.

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