Rusty Harden

Rusty Harden

Title: “What the Days…”
Medium:Pen and Ink
Price: NFS
Size: 5′ x 7″
Name: Rusty Harden (
Location: USA

Artist web site:

From Rusty:“The years tell us what the days never knew”.


  1. Dana Kilpatrick says:

    So original with intricate detail! Love it!

  2. Doodling gone wild? I agree with Dana, very intricate. Makes me wonder what you were contemplating while drawing. Maybe it is best we do not know as days go by. The culmination of the days into years may give us a better understanding of ourselves and those around us.

    • I wrote the quote on the paper first inorder to stay focused on the concept. Doodling can so easily stray off. I think that it is a reminder that we can’t let the days stop us from moving into the years.

  3. Oh this is wonderful. I wish I could see it larger – love intricate drawings!

  4. Missy Hines says:

    Oh, the one’s on the bottom…I feel this one…

  5. Beth Monnin says:

    LOVE IT! This reminds me of Shel Silverstein.

  6. this is so fun! as I look at all the details and get caught up in them…. then my eye drifts back to se the image as a whole then I am drawn back into the details. It so fits the quote. For me I see the detailed parts as the days and then try and look at the whole as the years. I hope you do more like this.

  7. Thank you Keith, I found myself feeling the passage of time. I like your experience while viewing the drawing.

  8. Ted W. Fickisen says:

    Rusty, very interesting, I have not seen any of your work like this before. Of course I haven’t seen all of what you can do. You do amaze me of how you can work in so many different mediums. And I must say “you do it well”.

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