Ted W Fickisen

Ted W Fickisen

Title:“Cutler Hall at Ohio University
First college building in the Northwest Territory”
Medium:Pen and Ink
Price:NFS (print 11″ x 17″ available $40.00)
Size: print 11″ x 17″
Name: Ted W. Fickisen ( twcowboy@horizonview.net)
Location: USA

Artist web site: http://pumphouseartgallery.com//

From Ted:Quote Challenge, “Stupid is as stupid does” from the movie Forest Gump
Going through college is perhaps some of the most memorable years of my life. I entered a little older than most in my class. At first I did seem a little more stupid and sometimes intimidated by my younger counterparts. After all they did know more about technology and the so called “in things” than I. However, I found that I had something more than they did and that was life experience. When I graduated from Ohio University, I think I did come out a little smarter.


  1. You seem to have a LOT more than your peers, Ted. Technology be darned . . . look at the talent your pen exudes! Your eye for incredible detail is amazing. I think I might have a buyer for this one . . . stand by . . .

  2. We only fall short when we compare ourselves to others! You shine! Let them compare themselves to you! (very nice detail work also!)

    • Ted W. Fickisen says:

      Nan, I want to thank you for your very kind words. It is very hard for me to place myself above others. I guess that is my bringing up and what the Bible teaches me. Again thank you.

  3. Missy Hines says:

    Very nice. I too was a non-traditional student…and I think teachers appreciate non-traditional students.

  4. Beth Monnin says:

    Fall of the House of Usher came to mind 😉 I love Poe. I don’t know this building but it is a wonderful piece.

    • Ted W. Fickisen says:

      Beth, it is at Ohio University – Athens. The center building on the green. The little gate in the lower left corner, I walked through this every morning on the way to art class.

  5. The detail is amazing. what I really love about this is the stories that the building and the pathway in and back out seems to tell. Very nice

  6. Preserving historical locations in artwork is so important and reminds people of the reality of the past. Your work is important.

    • Ted W. Fickisen says:

      Thank you Rusty,this is why I started doing historical buildings. They were destroying them faster than we could draw them. I have thought that people needed something to remind them of our heritage.

  7. Love you and love your work Ted. Fantastic! Bless you!

  8. I have a post card picture of the green house by Ted W Fickisen,I love it where might I purchase more of his art work? I happen to find the one I have in a second hand shop.

  9. I would love to purchase cutler hall art work

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