Todd Lenz

Todd Lenz

Title: “You Gotta Start Somewhere…”
Medium: origami
Price: “Contact Todd at”.
Size: Each approximately 5″ long,
Name: Todd Lenz
Location: USA

From Todd: “Every mound of obscene riches begins with but a few coins. I think Shakespeare said that.
This is my most recent original design, and hopefully it is obviously a dragon. I was aiming for a dragon that perhaps has elements of both western and asian dragons: the large bat-like wings of the western influences, with a proportionately sinuous snaky body with thin limbs of the asian styles. The major compromise with this design is that as it stands, there is little room for embellishment in the form of horns, beard, crests, spikes, etc. In deference to that, I saw him as a juvenile dragon…perhaps even so young as to still have his “egg horn” on his nose.

The quote I had in mind was from “The Hobbit”, although not so much a single quote as the entirety of the scene introducing the dragon, Smaug the Magnificent. Here is a truly terrible monster, who drove out an entire people from their mountain fastness….atop a legendary hoard, containing artifacts from out of legend. In deference to my design, though….I chose to scale it down a tad.”


  1. Dana Kilpatrick says:

    This is neat!

    • Thanks Dana! I DO wish he came out cleaner. I’m sort of chasing after that a bit…this one is a little near my current abilities, alas.

  2. He doesn’t look like a terrible monster, Todd. I like the juvenile interpretation. Less scary that way 🙂 I am amazed at the detail you are able to incorporate in these minuscule creations.

  3. Anyone who quotes any of Tolkien has a place in my heart! Love Smaug – and love your interpretation!

  4. Missy Hines says:

    He is so cute!! I too right away thought of The Hobbit!
    Love him!

  5. I love the way he is guarding the treasure! Not only do you fold brilliantly but you photograph these guys so well! It’s like we get to see two artworks with all your entries. The photo stands in it’s own right as a work of art as well as the creature you folded.

  6. He’s going to grow up and do some serious damage…the lust for gold will get them everytime. Your design talent and skill is on a wonderful path Todd. I’m thrilled with each one you share with us.

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