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“Melancholy Sun”
Michael McDermott of Bash Foo has his finger on the pulse of social media trends.

After reading his post Social Media and Shelf Life by Brent Pohlman I knew that I had made the right decision for The Artist Challenge to create the blog..  Social Networking is a viable source of promotion for an artist.  Blogging  with intention and finesse can be the fun and the challenge.

Am I an expert at it? No.  But you better believe I intend to do my home work and find the people who are.  Its my obligation to you as my readers.

Let’s explore blogging.  I’ll have some “guest bloggers”  on the subject and for other future topics.

I’d say that you deserve the best I can find.   So I’m looking hard.

If  you are reading this, why don’t you link your blog in the comment section and let us see what you do?



  1. I started my art blog in 2009. I build it but nobody came. Then with the helpful advice from more successful networking folks, I get a lot of traffic. My followers list doesn’t tell the whole story. Since I use networked blogs and thoughtfully use my tags, I get a lot of traffic from the search engines.


  2. That’s the key Rusty.. Just doing it! The blog is the single most powerful tool out there to get your message out, have it archived by Google and indexed by those looking for stories and interesting snippets for THEIR site.
    I have blog posts that I created 5 years ago that still receive 100-150 reads a month. If its quality, and interesting content, it will be read and paid attention to. If you have a business. This is especially important to you. 🙂 Best of luck with it. You have energized me to write a bit more myself!

  3. Count me in!


    Gina R. Duncan
    Believe Photography & Fine Art

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