Rusty Harden


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120 Suite A West Broadway
Tipp City, Ohio 45371

Rusty Harden is a self-taught artist who has lived in Ohio’s Miami Valley for a number of years. Through perseverance, Rusty set about learning the fundamentals of her craft. Discovering an affinity for watercolors, the synergy that followed began to inspire all of Rusty’s artistic endeavors. Rusty has had the honor of her work being included in juried, community, and solo exhibits. Her work is shown in numerous galleries, corporate and private collections. As an instructor of workshops, classes and inspirational speaker, she believes it is her privilege and responsibility to create new artists.

Rusty began teaching workshops in 2006 and regularly teaches art classes in a variety of mediums and of all skill levels.

As an inspirational speaker, she helps artists create the mind set to achieve their personal goals in their individual artistic endeavors.

Testimonials about Rusty:

“When I met Rusty Harden she was already an accomplished artist in the Dayton Ohio area. She entered a piece of her work in an exhibit for which I was working. The depth of the content of her work and the talent it showed totally impressed me.

Shortly after this I realized she was teaching at the new Studio 14 Gallery in Tipp City, Ohio and I signed up for classes. She is so unique in her ability to make everyone an artist. Her encouragement and skill bring out the best in all students. I love the way Rusty makes painting a learning experience not only in the art produced but in the understanding of how it was done.

I also feel privileged to call Rusty a friend. During the time I have known her, we, in Tipp City, were forming an arts council. Rusty became very involved in the activities and leadership of this group. Always there when we need her, she has participated in committees, organized art exhibits and sales, created artwork for flyers and brochures, designed creative activities for Farmers’ Market and local activities, served as a consultant in many areas and continuously supported the formation of the Tipp City Area Arts Council”

Molly Spencer TCAAC


“To Rusty, art is life… a journey to be deeply explored and savored. Her passion for creativity is woven into every fiber of her being and she never hesitates to share her love of art with anyone who seeks it. She has an incredible eye for finding beauty in nearly everything she sees and translates it with ease onto any canvas of her choosing. It is a privilege to work with her.”
~Lisa Bauer, Owner
Mayflower Arts Center, Troy, Ohio