Art Challenge Gallery’s Sun Art On CBS Sunday Morning

“Grape Vines”
11″ x 16″
Vikki North
Once a year, Art Challenge Gallery has a challenge theme: Sun Art.  I send all of the images to one of the producers of the CBS Sunday Morning program.  Sunday Morning is a television news magazine. Through out the program they use sun art images that they have selected from their sun art library.
In the past three years, Sunday morning has aired the  Sun Art of eleven of our artists using their images at least 40 times.The Artist Challenge has proudly submitted work over the past three years from these Challenge Galleries.
Vikki North
Therese Bushen
Kay Malouff
Heather Riccardi
Yolanda Redd
Julie D’Arcy
Doug Feakes
Linda Apple
Lelan Gimnick
Sonya Conti
Sonnie Woodworth
Dana Aldis
Rusty Harden
As I become aware of CBS airing our Sun Art on Sunday Morning, I make announcements on our facebook page and in the future here on our blog.
Our next Sun Art Challenge 2013 will fall in February.  Don’t miss out.



  1. I won’t miss out – my first thumbnail sketch for my piece is done. All I need do now is accurately execute my vision of the piece.

    But, meantime, congratulations to those who have had their work become part of CBS’s “Sunday Morning”.

  2. Hey Rusty, you forgot me! Mine aired on CBS Sunday morning through the Artist Challange also….

    Therese Bushen

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