CBS Sunday Morning Sun Art August 5

”The Sun King”
“With the sun you’ll see a rainbow”
“Rays of the Days”
I am thrilled when I see our sun art air on CBS Sunday Morning.
Each artist can benefit from the sun art showing on television whether their specific piece is shown or not.
The Sun Art is a beloved and much appreciated part of this weekly program.  As a result, they search “sun art”  You can help them find yours by using key words in your title and tags on your blogs, online galleries, web site and facebook.  Try using Twitter and linking your sun art to your site.  If you don’t have a site then link them to your image on  Art Challenge Gallery.  Give people a road map to your to view your work.  (This applies to all of the work you have posted.  I have had over 20,000 visitors to my blog.  But I had to let them know I was there!!!)
Additionally,  let people know that your sun art is in  the CBS Sunday Morning Sun Art Library.
I have found that people get excited with that bit of information and take a closer look at the art work then view you as an artist with  special regard.


  1. Great information Rusty, thanks! Therese Bushen

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